Hello, I’m John Blake formally of black rose photography, just a small note about me and my work. I originally started out as a diving instructor but after an accident I decided to retrain as a photographer, so I went back to college and did a diploma in photography and fine art, the first two years I was a wedding photographer but I felt something was missing so I concentrated on my art, the first one was awful, I couldn’t sell a thing but the second one was much better and the third was a total success in Paris.

And as for the fashion side of my work, I didn’t plan it, I was just pushed into it by a fashion photographer I was assisting at the time, I have no regrets, I still love it after all these years. Thank you. (Please Enjoy)
Please note some of the photos have retained the watermarks of black rose photography, my old company is no more so please ignore, a new watermark is forthcoming.

Projects and company’s I’ve worked with:

J&M studios
Studio 54
Dewer studio
The big picture
Conde nast
Zein of Tokyo
Blood red exhibition of Paris



Contact Details
E: johnblake64@hotmail.com
T: 07540 477 547